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The other night, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to a friends Birthday Bash at his Studio in Salt Lake. His name is Ryan Christensen and he owns Innovative Photography (Please make sure you check him out, Ah-MAZE-ing photographer!! And SO much fun to be around.)  I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. :-) So, hanging out with good friends, delicious cheesecake, and just a plain ol’ good time; was VERY much needed!
I need to do that more often.

He was kind enough to set up a backdrop and lighting so we could play around with studio lights. I admit, I haven’t really done this a whole lot, because it intimidates me, but after playing around with it, it makes me want a studio! One day, I hope to have one. But this was seriously awesome! I had my hubby and little come along with me, because I don’t get to see my hubby that much, and I wanted to hang out with him. My little became the model for me to practice. He let me get a couple of pictures, but that was about it! Silly boy. :-)

So, how did this work out for my first official studio shoot? 

Oh, and Ryan is trying to decide to do a day long workshop on lighting. Please encourage him to do so as well. :-)

Anyway, enjoy! I have a couple of sneak peaks that I am getting ready to post this week. LOVE them! Also, getting ready for a wedding this week. It’s going to be fun!

Enjoy :-)

You might remember this sweet little face. :-) This is Gage. I was lucky enough to photograph him about 6 months ago. And can I tell you what a doll he is?! Can’t say he is cute, cause that’s too girly. But he is ADORABLE.

He turned 1 about 4 months ago, and he is VERY mobile! He sure kept me on my toes. he liked to play, and run. Didn’t care to look at the camera. Thankfully Kinzee came along again, so we had someone that could get him to laugh. Even if it was by running around with ballons. Kinzee, you MUST come on ALL my shoots with me. Ok? K. Now that we have that settled…

Dear sweet Lindzee, please let me photograph Gage the rest of his life. And it has been fun to get to know you better. You are a sweetheart. Here is your sneak preview. I hope you enjoy them. :-)

To see the rest of the pictures, you can go here Gage Gallery

Let them know how you like them! Who doesn’t like reading comments on their kids? So leave some love!

last year, I wasn’t really involved in the Utah Photography Community. In fact, I didn’t know we HAD one!

little did I know

now, I find myself overwhelmed sometimes at the support that utah photographers have for each other!
it is seriously amazing. and I am excited that I can call a lot of them my friends I never really felt accepted in the photo world. just kind of felt like I was on my own. now I know that I can count on them, ask them, and lean on them. Amazing.

tomorrow, I am going to attend what is called Photocamp Utah

it is where I can attend classes, meet new photographers, and basically do what I can to help me help you :-)
I am very excited for some of the classes and hope to learn a lot from it!

so, if you would like to follow what I am doing, please follow me on twitter I am @winsorphoto to see what I am up to.

and if you’re a photographer, and you see me, please say hi! I would love to meet you :-)

One subject that I haven’t had the chance to photograph much was newborns. Especially BRAND new newborns! (like, 14 days or younger) I ADORE newborns. The peace, the calm, the love, the perfection. Ahhh…loved it.

So a friend of mine had a baby. I BEGGED.

“PLEASE let me take pictures of your newborn! I HAVE to for everything good in the world, or I may just die!”

she so kindly agreed. :-)
(and I may or may not of asked that way)

So this little cutie was born just a couple days after Valentine’s Day. What a present! And what a CUTIE! I had a lot of fun taking her pictures, and it made me want to take MORE baby pictures. It also made me want more kids, but that is a story for another day. :-)

So, dear mother of sweet Amelie. I hope you enjoy your photos. Because I am completely smitten with them. :-)


This is Chris and Tab. Chris is my brother. I love him to pieces. About 7 years ago I believe, he met the woman of his dreams. Tabitha.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect woman for him. Well, back in 2008, Chris joined the Army. He was gone for basic for a few months, and they were stationed in Colorado.

He leaves here soon to spend a year being deployed.
I am sad.
they are sad
it’s just sad

But, before they left, they wanted their family pictures taken. They have a little 2 year old boy who is the CUTEST little boy (besides my own of course ;)) He doesn’t like having his picture taken though. Haha. But we were still able to get some shots for all of them.

I also wanted to let you know, anyone who has a spouse or significant other who is being deployed. You will get a free session, and half off of your prints. That is the best way I know how to thank those that are out protecting me, and making it possible to do what I want to do.

So, thank you Chris. Our hearts and prayers go with you. And I love you with the kind of love that only a sister can have for her brother. All is Well. :-)

As you will see in this first picture, their love runs deep. :-) I ADORE this shot.

DK is trying to keep their feet warm :-)

I love how the picture on the left shows their real personalities :-)

These seriously make me tear up. SOOOO much love between these two. I love it.

Tab, you are freakin gorgeous. Just sayin…

Thank you guys for letting me capture your family. I had a blast, and thank you for letting me be a part of your life. (Not that you really have a choice. I am after all, your favorite sister ;-) But I won’t tell the others. ) You guys are amazing. And I look forward to MANY shoots to come. :-)

Enjoy :-)

I am going to be out of town from Sunday morning until late Wednesday.

Where will I be?


That’s right, I am headed to the MGM Grande for the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographers
International convention and tradeshow (otherwise known as WPPI) and I couldn’t be more excited!

This is my first year going, but I am hoping to make it a yearly trip. :-) I have heard that it is a GREAT time, and you learn SO much to help you with your business!

I will attend MANY classes, and visit the tradeshow and checkout what everyone has to offer!

I am going to be traveling down with my good friends Dustin Izatt, Sheryll Lynne, and Liz. We leave first thing Sunday morning. w00t!

So I will try to get back to you as fast as I can, and I will update as much as I can. Make sure you are following me on Twitter or Facebook to get the most updates!

And I hope to meet a bunch of new people there!

Let’s get this party started!

See ya in a week!

I had the WONDERFUL chance of second shooting Stacy with Three Winks Studios in Salt Lake. She is an AMAZING photographer, and I felt SO lucky to be able to go and shoot with her! You can see her pictures taken from the wedding on her blog by clicking on her Studio name.  Anyway, here a just a few of my favorites that I took. They were a GORGEOUS couple, and really fun to photograph! But it was also on January 2, and FAH-REEZING outside!! They were at the Salt Lake Temple.

With these first three, I couldn’t decide which ones I liked more, so you get to see all three. :-)

But THANK YOU Stacy for letting me shoot with you! Hopefully we can do it again!

Enjoy :-)

So, you might be wondering how I picked the winners. I used

I typed in how many comments I had, and it gave me a random number

The winner is


I sent her an email, and here is a little about her:

Where are you from?
I am from Utah, born and raised. I grew up in Sandy and now I live in
Eagle Mountain.

How old are you?

Are you married? If so, for how long?
I married my sweetheart 6 1/2 years ago
How many kids do you have?
I have 2 little kiddos, a 4 year old boy, and 3 year old girl.
What’s your favorite color?
This is a hard question, because I love different colors for different things.  I tend to lean toward the combination of Red, Black and White though.
Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?
I have a dog named Bentley, who is a crazy little mutt.
How would you describe your perfect date?
A walk along the beach in Costa Rica – that is where I honeymooned, and I can’t wait to go back someday.
Where would be the perfect place to live?
San Diego, California – with perfect weather and close beaches it would be perfect.
Chantelle, I can not WAIT to work with you! Send me an email to schedule your session!
And the second winner is:


Melissa is an ADORABLE woman I met earlier this year. She is a DOLL! I can’t wait to spend some time with her!
NOW, there are still a couple of things I am working on. So stay tuned. There might be another winner announced tomorrow. But for those of you who haven’t won, you get this:
50% off of a photo session

The winners have been picked!!


I will be introducing them to you tomorrow. I have to make sure I have all my strings tied. :-)

Thank you ALL for participating!! It was fun!

And please read tomorrow to find out the winners, and also to see a great deal offered to all of you as well!

Also, after all this is over, I have a sneak peak of what’s coming up. :-)

Precious huh.

Until tomorrow!