Tibble Fork up American Fork Canyon is beautiful any time of the year, but I especially love it during the summer! The green pine trees are something to swoon over. And when you get a gorgeous couple like Josh and Sarah there, you can’t help but get giddy over the images you can produce! 

Sarah and Josh are the sweetest people you will ever meet. They were constantly smiling and complimenting each other. They show a special love that everyone strives to find.  I’m so happy and excited for them and to see what comes next! 2015-05-19_0025 2015-05-19_0030 2015-05-19_0029 2015-05-19_0027 2015-05-19_0028 2015-05-19_0042 2015-05-19_0041 2015-05-19_0040 2015-05-19_0039 2015-05-19_0038 2015-05-19_0037 2015-05-19_0036 2015-05-19_0035 2015-05-19_0034 2015-05-19_0033 2015-05-19_0032 2015-05-19_0031 2015-05-19_0043 2015-05-19_0026

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I have so many gorgeous sessions to show you! I haven’t had the chance to put them up, but that’s going to change! 

I’m going to start by showing Ty and Christina’s Engagement session from last spring. Christina was a bridesmaid to my beautiful bride Kelsey from the year before, and I was so excited when she asked me to photograph their wedding! Ty is such a great guy to her, and together they are perfect! I love the love and laughs that these two share.  I’ve had so much fun looking back through their photos to chose the ones that I would be putting up on the blog. We ventured around Draper Utah on family property and exploring the mountains.  I can’t wait to capture these two for years to come. <3 2015-05-19_0001 2015-05-19_0006 2015-05-19_0005 2015-05-19_0004 2015-05-19_0003 2015-05-19_0002 2015-05-19_0024 2015-05-19_0023 2015-05-19_0022 2015-05-19_0021 2015-05-19_0020 2015-05-19_0019 2015-05-19_0018 2015-05-19_0017 2015-05-19_0016 2015-05-19_0015 2015-05-19_0014 2015-05-19_0013 2015-05-19_0012 2015-05-19_0011 2015-05-19_0010 2015-05-19_0009 2015-05-19_0008 2015-05-19_0007

Isn’t that horse so cute?!

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I was so excited when Tamara and Nick wanted me to photograph their GORGEOUS Wedding in Los Angeles California. 

The day was BEAUTIFUL and warm, there was a breeze coming in off of the ocean, and it was absolute perfection. Add in her amazing veil and gown and everything was perfect! After their wedding at the Los Angeles LDS Temple, we headed up to an Orange Grove just north where the light was perfect, and the company was great! 

And Nick and Tamara are some of the SWEETEST people you will ever meet. They were so kind and welcoming to me and Sam and made us feel like we were part of the celebration for them! They have hearts of gold, and I am so excited to see where life takes them. And I am so lucky to be able to count them as friends. Much love to you both! xoxo 2015-02-11_0001 2015-02-11_0002 2015-02-11_0003 2015-02-11_0005 2015-02-11_0004 2015-02-11_0006 2015-02-11_0007 2015-02-11_0008 2015-02-11_0009 2015-02-11_0010 2015-02-11_0011 2015-02-11_0038 2015-02-11_0012 2015-02-11_0016 2015-02-11_0019 2015-02-11_0013 2015-02-11_0018 2015-02-11_0014 2015-02-11_0017 2015-02-11_0021 2015-02-11_0020 2015-02-11_0031 2015-02-11_0035 2015-02-11_0034 2015-02-11_0033 2015-02-11_0032 2015-02-11_0030 2015-02-11_0029 2015-02-11_0028 2015-02-11_0027 2015-02-11_0026 2015-02-11_0025 2015-02-11_0024 2015-02-11_0042 2015-02-11_0022 2015-02-11_0036 2015-02-11_0037 2015-02-11_0015 2015-02-11_0039 2015-02-11_0040 2015-02-11_0041

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I love doing my Black Friday sale!! It’s a little different this year. :)

Here’s the deal:

50% OFF of ANY PHOTO SESSION. – YES, this includes Weddings, Family Session, Portrait Sessions, etc.

 Important Details | -Deposit must be paid by TODAY to get the deal. -Session must take place in 2015. -Yes I WILL travel. Travel fees are not included in the deal and are extra. -Yes Gift Certificates are available, but must be used for 2015.

To take advantage of this deal, please email me at sayhello@winsorphotography.com. :)

I look forward to capturing your memories in 2015!!



This is a hands-on class that’s designed for beginning photographers that want to learn how to use their cameras to capture their families. The course will cover the basics needed in to shoot confidently in any manual setting. By the end of the four hour class, each person will understand the functions of shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, metering and focal lengths in order to capture a better image. You will learn how to operate your camera in manual settings in order to capture a perfect exposure.  

We will go over different kinds of lighting and how to capture the best light outside your home and inside your home. Using the light that is already there, and also how to modify light with what you have available. 


You’ll leave the class with a better understanding of how to use your camera, and feel confident that you will be able to capture your family how you WANT to capture them. 

*Lunch will be provided for the class*


DATE | DECEMBER 6, 2014 (Saturday)

TIME | 10:00am-2:00pm


DATE | JANUARY 24, 2014 (Saturday)

Time | 10:00am-2:00pm

 LOCATION | At my home in Stansbury Park, UT

To join any of the classes, send me an email to sayhello@winsorphotography.com with PHOTO 101 in the subject line. Let me know which date you would like to attend. :)

*Payment is required to reserve your seat, and is non-refundable. If you can’t attend, you can transfer to someone else* Yay!! I’m excited to get to know you!!

Carlee is such a doll. Her and her sisters met me up in Kaysville, Utah to take a trip around the area and take photos for her Senior Photos.  We had so much fun laughing, and trying new things. 

Carlee, I wish you the absolute BEST in what you are embarking on! I can’t wait to see what you do. :) 

2014-09-15_0023 2014-09-15_0024 2014-09-15_0025 2014-09-15_0026 2014-09-15_0027 2014-09-15_0028 2014-09-15_0029 2014-09-15_0030 2014-09-15_0031 2014-09-15_0032 2014-09-15_0033 2014-09-15_0034 2014-09-15_0035 2014-09-15_0036 2014-09-15_0037 2014-09-15_0038 2014-09-15_0039 2014-09-15_0040 2014-09-15_0041 2014-09-15_0042 2014-09-15_0043 2014-09-15_0044 2014-09-15_0045 2014-09-15_0046 2014-09-15_0047

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I went about this kind of backwards! I posted their Bridal session on the last blog post, but wanted to show off their engagements as well! 

Megan and Kiefer are so great together. They are the greatest example of patience, kindness and love! Watch for their wedding to be posted soon. :) 

2014-09-15_0001 2014-09-15_0002 2014-09-15_0003 2014-09-15_0004 2014-09-15_0005 2014-09-15_0006 2014-09-15_0007 2014-09-15_0008 2014-09-15_0009 2014-09-15_0010 2014-09-15_0011 2014-09-15_0012 2014-09-15_0013 2014-09-15_0014 2014-09-15_0015 2014-09-15_0016 2014-09-15_0017 2014-09-15_0018 2014-09-15_0019 2014-09-15_0020 2014-09-15_0021 2014-09-15_0022

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These two are absolutely stunning together! I loved her dress and it was absolutely perfect for her!

We spent the evening in downtown Salt Lake City, mainly Memory Grove Park and up above the state capitol.

Thank you for letting me capture these beautiful moments for you!

2014-08-18_0001 2014-08-18_0002 2014-08-18_0003 2014-08-18_0004 2014-08-18_0005 2014-08-18_0006 2014-08-18_0007 2014-08-18_0008 2014-08-18_0009 2014-08-18_0010 2014-08-18_0011 2014-08-18_0012 2014-08-18_0013 2014-08-18_0014 2014-08-18_0015 2014-08-18_0016 2014-08-18_0017 2014-08-18_0018 2014-08-18_0019 2014-08-18_0020 2014-08-18_0021 2014-08-18_0022 2014-08-18_0023 2014-08-18_0024 2014-08-18_0025 2014-08-18_0026 2014-08-18_0027 2014-08-18_0028 2014-08-18_0029 2014-08-18_0030 2014-08-18_0031 2014-08-18_0032 2014-08-18_0033 2014-08-18_0034 2014-08-18_0035 2014-08-18_0036 2014-08-18_0037 2014-08-18_0038 2014-08-18_0039 2014-08-18_0040 2014-08-18_0041 2014-08-18_0042 2014-08-18_0043 2014-08-18_0044 2014-08-18_0045
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Taelor contacted me last year with the phrase “we aren’t engaged YET, but I want to make sure that I have you booked for when it does happen!”.  I was so thrilled that she wanted me to photograph her wedding! We worked everything out, and they were engaged a few short weeks later!

We spent some time down around Salt Lake City in Memory Grove for the gorgeous blossoms that were in bloom at the time, and then ended up in Layton. We were BEGGING for the sun to come out, and lucky for us, it came out for about 5 minutes at the end!  They ended up being some of my absolute favorite shots!

Thank you Taelor and Jeff for trusting me to do your photos. I loved every minute of it!
2014-06-16_0002 2014-06-16_0003 2014-06-16_0004 2014-06-16_0005 2014-06-16_0006 2014-06-16_0007 2014-06-16_0008 2014-06-16_0009 2014-06-16_0010 2014-06-16_0011 2014-06-16_0012 2014-06-16_0013 2014-06-16_0014 2014-06-16_0015 2014-06-16_0016 2014-06-16_0017 2014-06-16_0018 2014-06-16_0019 2014-06-16_0020 2014-06-16_0021 2014-06-16_0022 2014-06-16_0023 2014-06-16_0024 2014-06-16_0025 2014-06-16_0026 2014-06-16_0027 2014-06-16_0028 2014-06-16_0029 2014-06-16_0030 2014-06-16_0031 2014-06-16_0032 2014-06-16_0033

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When I walked up and met Carrie, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun! She was so sweet, and was getting ready to graduate High School! She is heading off to BYU-I and is going to have a BLAST!  We joked, we wandered around Salt Lake a little, and chased the sunset. 

Thank you so much Carrie for being such a fun sport! You are going to conquer the world, and I’m excited to see what you do!

Photos edited with Ever Smitten Design Lightroom Presets2014-04-28_0001 2014-04-28_0002 2014-04-28_0003 2014-04-28_0004 2014-04-28_0005 2014-04-28_0006 2014-04-28_0007 2014-04-28_0008 2014-04-28_0009 2014-04-28_0010 2014-04-28_0011 2014-04-28_0012 2014-04-28_0013 2014-04-28_0014 2014-04-28_0015 2014-04-28_0016 2014-04-28_0017 2014-04-28_0018 2014-04-28_0019 2014-04-28_0020 2014-04-28_0021 2014-04-28_0022 2014-04-28_0023 2014-04-28_0024 2014-04-28_0025 2014-04-28_0026 2014-04-28_0027 2014-04-28_0028 2014-04-28_0029 2014-04-28_0030


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