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Love when Spring is here and everything starts turning green and colorful! I thrive in the warm colorful world, and these photos just make my heart happy!! <3 Such a beautiful bride, and his reaction to first seeing her was perfection.
The Salt Lake Temple is one of my favorite spots, especially in the springtime. Take a look. :) 
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Last March I put out a model call for a couple. I wanted to try a new location and I knew a couple would be perfect!
My good friend Stacy with Three Winks Photography contacted me and offered to model for me. I of course said YES because her and her boyfriend, Don, were perfect for what I was going for! 

So we headed out to the Great Salt Lake to try a new location. They modeled for me and everything was going along great. And then, it seems at the PERFECT moment, Don got down on one knee and proposed to Stacy. I was so excited, I think I started tearing up behind the camera. ;) So my model engagement, turned into an actual engagement and I loved EVERY MINUTE! 

Thank you Stacy and Don for letting me capture this moment for you! 

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I love extended families like this! We had so much fun not far from their house in Kaysville, Utah, and all those grandkids were sooo sweet! I had a blast photographing them in the beautiful fall light. <3 

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Meet Max. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some missionary photos for him before he took off! His mom is one of the SWEETEST people I know, and I’m so lucky to call her a cousin! Max is doing well, and he’ll be home faster than we realize! 

2016-01-11_0001 2016-01-11_0002 2016-01-11_0003 2016-01-11_0004 2016-01-11_0005 2016-01-11_0006 2016-01-11_00072016-01-11_0008To book your portrait session, send us a message at sayhello@winsorphotography.com. 

 What is there to say about this family? I absolutely LOVE them to the moon and back. I’ve been able to watch their family grow, and they’ve been there to see mine grow as well. Briana is SUCH an inspiration and I loved this shoot that we were able to take before she moved out of state (kiiiiinda sad about that one..).  Briana – you are AMAZING. Thank you for being there for me, and being the support and inspiration that you are! Love you! 

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Aimee is such an amazing photographer. I am ecstatic every time she asks me to do her photos. Her family is so adorable, and it’s been so fun to watch them grow! These were taken after her little girl was a few months old, and I LOVE them and couldn’t NOT put them up. :) 

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Josh and Sarah were married at the Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork. It was such a beautiful day! (It happened to be my birthday, so it was an EXTRA special day! Their Reception was held at Bella Vista in Lindon, Utah, and it was absolutely beautiful. The light that came through that evening was breathtaking. Add that in with a couple like these two, and you can’t go wrong! 
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Amie was such a sweetheart of a bride.  And that veil?! I fell in love with it! I love veils that you can play around with! We did some elegant photos inside the Joseph Smith Memorial building, and then took some around Temple Square, because honestly, their grounds in the fall (or anytime of the year!) are AMAZING! Love having that option so close to photograph in! 

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I absolutely adore this couple. Kristi is my neighbors sister, and I LOVE their family! Seriously, some of the most amazing people that are on this earth! I was so excited to photograph their day for them. They have so much energy and were so fun to be around! The energy that they all had was contagious and we had such a great time going around the Salt Lake Temple.  And I don’t know that you could find a guy that admires his wife more than this guy here.  Such a gentleman and treats Kristi amazing. A love like that is absolutely beautiful. <3 

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I would like you to meet some of my neighbors! This family is one of the sweetest families out there. And their little girl is one of Bubba’s best friends. I was so excited to photograph them, and I loved their outfits that they wore!! We went and explored the field behind my house and I think it worked perfectly! 

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